About Us

Tracy’s Row House has been a highlight of the Ottawa downtown food and bar scene for almost a decade. It has become THE martini bar in town, offering an extensive list of unique and fun martini’s.

But Tracy’s is much more then a martini bar.

It is a place to gather with family and friends, eat great food and have a wonderful martini.

Unlike a traditional bar, Tracy’s is set in an 1800’s building with a warm cozy home feel. Its classic wooden floors, large windows, and small tables make you feel welcome, like you have just stopped at a friends house for a visit. In the background you will hear an eclectic mix of music that is not loud but rather soft, allowing you to have a great conversation without yelling.

And like a friends home, the staff are always welcoming and ready with a warm smile. All of Tracy’s staff have been with her for more then five years and have come to call Row House their home. They are always happy to make you their favorite martini or mixed drink.

What would a visit with a friend be without a good meal?

Tracy’s menu is all about comfort and good food. Meatloaf, pot pie and the best burger in town are just a few of the items you will find here. But good food has to start with great ingredients and a creative kitchen team. Tracy’s uses the freshest local ingredients (we are a farm to table restaurant) and hand prepares everything from the salad croutons to the ice cream. They also offer unique daily specials that are not part of the regular menu.

Tracy’s Row House is the perfect blend of good food, great drinks, and cozy atmosphere set right in the heart of historic downtown Ottawa.